What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero UK is a road safety campaign launched at the Vision Zero conference  on 19th January 2016 (click the link for presentations).


Vision Zero says road users should be safe from risk of death or serious injury.  Join us if you agree. Take action by writing to your local councillors for this policy where you live. Full systems safety is key for active travel and traffic reduction. There isn’t anyone who wouldn’t be missed.  Sweden first agreed vision zero in 1997. From 2000-2009 road deaths halved.  

People make mistakes. Vision Zero supporters say policies must aim to protect them from fatal errors on roads.  Zero harm is standard for health and safety at work. Vision zero says it must also be applied to highways. Blackpool, Brighton & Hove, Edinburgh & Northern Ireland agree.

 Vision Zero road danger reduction is policy in Sweden, Northern Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Vienna, New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco & San Mateo. Campaign to make it your Local Authority’s policy too. Read the LTT road safety supplement

Local Authority Councillors are our key targets to influence. Because they listen to local residents, we aim to recruit volunteers across the UK to form local Vision Zero UK branches. Volunteers will be assisted to lobby councillors with campaigning advice and literature.  

 Joining is free.  A range of campaigning services will be offered including template documents such as letters to councillors, petitions and briefings.

The Vision Zero UK charter is here. We DO NOT campaign for high vis, cycle helmets, pedestrian barriers or other measures/laws that might deter vulnerable road users from getting about.  

 We DO ask for evidence based changes e.g. speed limit reductions, detailed crash investigations to determine effective prevention strategies, safety cameras and changes in road user priorities so that collisions are minimised. We want safety, rather than movement, prioritised. We ask for intermediate targets towards zero road deaths.



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